What You Should Know About Triathlons And the Equipment

The Rise In Triathlons

disciplines in triathlonTriathlons have gained popularity in the recent years as a great way to increase all-round fitness. You will realise that it is one of the most demanding sports out there. However, it has the sense of accomplishment and achievement once you’ve completed one. Triathlon training can be a long and arduous process to establish a level of proficiency at three different sports. These sports include: swimming, cycling at speeds on cube road bikes and running. There are some pieces of equipment that you need in order to take on this training. Some of these include a bike, swimming costumes and so on. The following are some of the equipment needed in the various disciplines:

1. The swim – use a project X wetsuit

There are several equipment needed in order to undertake this activity. Some of these equipment include: a cap, swimming googles, nose clip and a swim suit or wet suit. In this case, participants are required to wear a swimming cap that is normally provided by the event organisers. Most of them are normally bright in colour for safety reasons and can be different colors to signify different categories. You will realise that ordinary wet suits are designed for snorkeling. These will not provide optimum benefits in a triathlon because the sleeves usually restrict the arm movements, thereby preventing a comfortable stroke during the swim. However, triathlon wet suits are normally customised to the needs of a triathlete and include softer, more pliable rubber around the shoulder area. In addition, these wet suits have longer zippers and can have wrist and ankle zippers so as to facilitate faster removal during the transition.

2. The cycle – use cube road bikes

The main component of the cycle is the bike. You will realise that the triathlon bike is a variant of the road bike, you can purchase from most bike shops such as https://www.racecouk.com/ . The bike that is normally used usually have additional tri-bara or aero-bars. You will realise that aerodynamics play a large part in the cycling leg of the triathlon. Other equipment include: the cycle helmet, cycling clothing and triathlon shoes.

3. Running – use well designed running shoes

The essential item here is to have a pair of running shoes, available that are comfortable and fits your feet well. It is important that you wear shoes that do not pinch or rub anywhere. This can help you a great deal. Those are some of the equipment needed so as to undertake triathlon training. This training is very essential to your body. Biking, swimming and running can help you a great deal. They are forms of exercises. Try them and you will enjoy the results.